Leak in a Detached House

Suspected Leak Outline

In November 2011 Trace and Access were called to a detached house in Telford. Stains had been appearing on the bathroom ceiling and the householder could smell damp throughout the house.

Detecting the Leak and Our Approach

We were asked to attend to a suspected leak by an insurance company on behalf of their policyholder (the owner of a detached house who was noticing stained ceilings and a damp smell above the bathroom).

When attending to the leak in the detached house, we noticed a slight damp smell as reported by the homeowner to their insurer. On closer inspection, we discovered the ceiling was wet and the plasterboard discolored. The heating system header tank in the loft was found to have a slow drip from the feeder valve, caused by a corroded joint.

The water was initially absorbed by the insulation, but after saturating it had spread onto the plasterboard causing the issue.

The leak had likely been going on for some time to make its way through to the plasterboard, so a repair was crucial to ensure the area wasn’t impacted by damp and water damage.

Outcome of Work for the Homeowner of the Detached House

  • Joint repaired
  • Plasterboard replaced
  • Ceiling redecorated

Unlike many other Trace and Access companies, Trace and Access UK operate as a one-stop shop. Not only can we find and repair leaks, but we can also repair the damage and redecorate so that you get your home back quickly and without having lots of different companies involved in the process.

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