Black Mould in a Flat


In January 2012 Trace and Access attended a flat in Stoke-on-Trent. Black mould had appeared on the lounge ceiling and the wall behind the kitchen cupboards smelt of sewage.

Finding A Leak Causing Black Mould in a Flat

When we arrived, the black mould was visible both in the lounge and kitchen but it did not seem to be consistent with the layout of the home of the tenant.

After confirming the problem we decided to analyse the issue from the flat above. We examined their foul pipe stack and discovered a small hole in the foul downpipe.

Every time the flat above flushed the toilet or used the bath, water was escaping from the pipe, running down the outside and into the wall cavity, to the flat below.

The water flowed along the floor and through the kitchen wall causing the black mould in the flat.

We were able to help locate and repair the issue for both flats before it became any worse and the repair and remedial works worked to remove any signs of the mould were smooth and simple.

Repairs and Outcomes of Repairing the Leak

  • Areas immediately sanitised
  • The pipe in the flat above repaired
  • Damaged structures removed
  • Kitchen units replaced
  • Both properties were repaired and re-decorated

Unlike many other Trace and Access companies, Trace and Access UK operate as a one-stop shop. Not only can we find and repair leaks, but we can also repair the damage and redecorate so that you get your home back quickly and without having lots of different companies involved in the process.

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