Water Marks in a 17th Century Home

The Case:

In June 2013 Trace and Access were asked to attend a 17th century home in the Cotswolds to investigate water marks on the ceiling of the study. The marks had only appeared in the past 3 weeks but were getting steadily worse.


A small hole was made in the ceiling to examine the cavity using a burrow scope and check the pipes for leaks. None were found, however, the underside of the boarding above was wet with the beginning of mould growth.

Above the leak site was a bath mounted on a box plinth. The bath was tested but at first appeared to be intact. However, when the bath was fully filled, water began to drip onto the ceiling below. On closer examination, a hairline crack was found near the overflow.


  • The bath was replaced
  • Plinth retiled
  • Ceiling repaired and redecorated

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