Thermography: A picture tells a thousand words

What is thermal imaging leak detection?

Infrared Thermography is the only diagnostic technology that lets our engineers instantly visualise and verify temperature differences in buildings. Thermography relies on the amount of heat either enclosed within, or passing through a building element, such as a water pipe. If there is a water leak then our cameras detect the difference in surface temperature which provides our engineers evidence of where the leak is originating from.

Our team at Trace and Access use thermographic camera equipment in order to identify, locate and diagnose water leaks in residential, industrial and commercial environments.

What are the benefits of Thermography to Trace and Access?

Precise Accuracy

A major benefit of using thermal imaging is its high level of accuracy. Our trained engineers ensure the thermal image is taken correctly and can easily decipher what can be inferred from the image. Our Trace and Access engineers are all very experienced with this method, allowing them to pin-point leaks with incredible accuracy.

Fast Results

As this method of leak detection only requires taking pictures of the affected areas and analysing them, it works particularly quickly. Thermography allows our Trace and Access engineers to survey buildings or elements from a distance with minimal disruption.

Completely Non-Invasive

Thermography gets rid of the need for building disassembly unlike the traditional dig and drill methods of leak detection. Thermal imaging scans the leaked areas and finds where the origin of the leak is. Therefore,  reducing the disturbance of occupants and building operations.

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