Endoscopy: Watch that leak

What is endoscopic leak detection?

Endoscopy makes it possible for our engineers to see in places their heads won’t fit. When direct line of sight is not feasible, endoscope cameras are used to view inside cavities. It is an optical device, a tube with an eyepiece on the end and an objective lens the other, linked by a relay optical system.

Endoscopic cameras, or borescopes, are used for inspection work where the inspection area is inaccessible by other means. Their most useful aspect is that they provide Trace and Access engineers with a full image of the leaking area. Trace and Access use endoscopy to identify, locate and diagnose water leaks in residential, industrial and commercial environments.

What are the benefits of Endoscopy to our Trace and Access engineers?

Completely Non-Invasive

At Trace and Access we endeavour to keep disturbance of occupants and building operations to an absolute minimum. By guiding the tube of the endoscopic camera, our engineers do not need to damage the fabric of the building to access the leak. The visual image of the leaking area tells our engineers exactly where and what the problem is.

Uncover Hidden Areas

Trace and Access endoscopic cameras have their own light source, allowing us to see into dark hidden spaces. With many potential obstacles, leaking areas are often difficult to see, so Endoscopy a powerful tool for our team. This means our engineers can locate and diagnose any issues with a full image of the leak’s source. 

Visual Leak Detection

The main advantage of using endoscopy, over other forms of leak detection, is that it provides our engineers with a live visual representation of the source. This can reduce repair costs significantly, because the precise nature of the leak can be easily discovered. There are multiple forms of action to take in order to remedy a leak, endoscopy effectively aids that process.

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