Introducing Tracer Gas

What is Tracer Gas leak detection?

Tracer gas always makes its way to the surface. After draining a water pipe, Trace and Access engineers can introduce a tracer gas back into the pipe to detect a leak. Should there be any exit of gas, our engineers will detect it on the surface using their highly sensitive gas detector. The point where the gas exits the pipe will be precisely the location of the leak.

Our engineers use Tracer Gas to identify, locate and diagnose water leaks in residential, industrial and commercial properties. This method allows us to test hard to reach pipes for leaks with minimal disruption to your property. Tracer gas is a method useful for any size or type of underground pipe and does not leave any residue or require removal of a product prior to testing.

What are the benefits of Tracer Gas to Trace and Access?

Completely Non-Invasive

We have been successful in locating leaks in buried pipes, even when they are covered with dirt and paving materials. The main advantage of Tracer Gas is that it will locate leaks in any material. It is extremely versatile and does not require our engineers to go digging into buildings. Using our accurate gas detectors our engineers local the source of the leak without damaging the fabric of your building.

Fast and Accurate

Testing with Tracer Gas is often the fastest and most economical way to locate leaks in buried pipelines. The source of the leak is not always obvious and even very large leaks or breaks in pipes will not always allow water to come to the surface. Water can be channelled long distances along the pipe and drain underground. Tracer Gas always comes to the surface where it is easily detected by our experienced engineers, unlike water.

100% Safe

Tracer Gas is a food grade gas, so is completely safe for Trace and Access engineers to enter into drinking supply pipes. It has been approved and tested to enter all types of water pipes including drains, water mains, grey water waste systems, fire loops and petroleum pipe lines. The advantages of this gas mixture is that it is non-flammable, non-toxic, non corrosive and completely healthy to the environment.

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