How much will it cost?

We price the tracing and accessing of leaks on time and to a lesser degree, on material costs. The cause of the problem may only take seconds to find, or it may take 2 days, depending on a number of factors; the structure of the property; the complexity of the systems in the building; the accessibility of the offending area.

Your insurance policy normally covers you up to around £5000 and this is adequate in the vast majority of cases.

What do you do exactly?

Trace and Access will call you back, normally within an hour. We will have an initial discussion with you, as to the circumstances any potential leaks. If you would like us to attend your property, you will be booked in for a visit at a time to suit you, based on your needs. Our technicians will then trace the leak and more importantly, access it, allowing for repair.

What kit do you have?

Our technicians all carry moisture meters, borrow scopes, an acoustic detection kit and high resolution infra-red equipment. We also have the option of using tracing gas when appropriate.

What qualifications and experience do you have?

We are not only accredited by the BDMA (British Disaster Management Association), we are also qualified plumbers. Trace and Access have attended a vast number of scenes over the past 8 years, boasting a 100% success rate.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured in the use of our own specialised equipment and also to access the leaks in the fabric of your property.

What happens if you cannot find my leak?

You won’t have one! If no leak is found, you will be provided with a report to pass on to your insurance company, who normally reimburse you. If we decide to come out, it is extremely rare there won’t be a leak.

What if my leak is outside?

If the water leak is on the street side of your water meter, the responsibility for tracing, accessing and repairing lies with the water company in your area.

If the leak is between the meter and your property it is normally your responsibility. You may have separate insurance to cover you and it is well worth checking this out before calling us. If not, then our tracing systems work in the same way and we can still provide a service to you. A word of caution, you may NOT be covered by your household policy and this work is expensive. It is normally time consuming and involves groundwork with all of the associated inconvenience. We advise you to make the enquiry with your insurance company at an early stage.

Call us now to discuss how Trace and Access can solve your leak problem.