How do you find a water leak?

How do we find the leak in your property?

If you want your leak finding quickly and efficiently then give Trace and Access a call. We offer the highest quality leak detection and remedy service across the UK. Our experienced engineers use specialised equipment to accurately locate leaks, in a completely non-invasive manner.

Tracking and repairing leaks is not always straightforward. Trace and Access UK continually invest in cutting edge technology to be quicker and more efficient. We have developed minimally invasive methods that will help streamline the whole process of finding and fixing a leak, making the whole process simple.

To maintain our 100% success rate, we provide our engineers with excellent training and state of the art machinery to carry out several different methods of leak detection.


A few methods we use include;

  • Tracer gas – This is a 100% safe gas is introduced into pipes to locate the source of the leak. Once the gas escapes from the leaking point, our engineers detect it on the surface using their highly sensitive gas detector. The point where the gas exits the pipe will be the precise location of the leak, leaving very small margin for error with this method.


  • Thermography – Water pipes constantly produce heat. A leak will cause changes to the temperature of the pipe at the source of the problem. Thermography detects any differences in surface temperature, which provides our engineers with evidence of the source.

  • Acoustics – Leaking water pipes constantly create a noise. Using acoustic and electro-acoustic microphones, our engineers listen to the sound to detect its source. Our team amplify, filter and process these sounds to identify the precise location of the leak.


  • Endoscopy – When a direct line of sight is not possible, our endoscope cameras can be used to view inside hidden cavities. These images enable us to use minimally invasive methods and drive down your repair costs significantly, as the precise nature of a leak can be discovered without incurring large amounts of damage to plaster or flooring.

Trace and Access identify, locate and diagnose water leaks in residential, industrial and commercial properties. Whatever the nature of your leak, we guarantee to solve your problem in the most professional and efficient manner.

Call us now to discuss how Trace and Access can help you.